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About DeNae

DeNae is a stage actor of both dramatic and comedic plays, with period, contemporary, and musical experience. Described by others as “engaging, dynamic, earnest, and witty,” DeNae is a strong character actor who can take the lead. Known for her focus, dedication, and generosity, she is repeatedly cast by directors for her nuanced emotional depth. While excelling at wounded, frenetic, edgy, absurd, farcical, quirky, sexy, uptight, and southern roles, DeNae is always ready for a challenge. 

DeNae earned her BFA in Theatre at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, where she was awarded the Outstanding Theatre Graduate Award for her graduating class.  She went on to perform on the east coast in NJ, Philadelphia, and Delaware before settling in San Diego, CA.

An ensemble player, DeNae is regarded by cast and crew alike as a collaborative theater artist for her knowledge and respect towards the entire team. DeNae also enjoys skating, dancing, carpentry, puzzles, languages; is great with kids and animals, can ride a horse or a bike; crochets, knits, can thread a needle; spreche ein bisschen Deutsch…und so weiter.

Black Grunge
Black Grunge


Photos by Rich Soublet


Scripps Ranch Theatre
  "DeNae Steele gives a fierce, funny and shape-shifting performance as Georgie, who gradually transforms from scene to scene from brash, exceptionally foul-mouthed and nutty to trusting, soft-spoken and painfully honest."
- Pam Kragen


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DeNae Steele

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